WW1 Trench Warfare RP Rules

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United Gaming | WW1 Trench Warfare RP

1.) The artillery strike can only be used every 5 minutes.
2.) Friendly banter is acceptable but OOC abuse is not you’ll receive a verbal warning or warn.
3.) Please respect staff members they’re here to help you.
4.) Don't Team kill or break RP.
5.) No mic spam or chat spam.
6.) Do not job abuse in anyway or form.
7.) No inappropriate RP names.
8.) Do not spawn kill

8.) Don’t enter No Man's Land unless there's an assault or you have permission from Brigadier General+.
I) An assault can only last 5 minutes.
II) If you are in no mans land and the assault ends, you are on your last life.
III) Debriefs are not mandatory after Assaults but they are after events.
9.) Only Sergeant+ can give combat orders to those below their rank.
10.) Only Brigadier General+ can call Night Raid you can only have a maximum of 4 people.
I) There must be at least one Sergeant+ on a Night Raid.
II) Only capture a POW in either a Night Raid or if they’re in your bunks a SGT+ must confirm it if he/she doesn't you must release them.
11.) If you are surround by more then 3 people an they are making you a POW you must obey fearRP and be captured.
12.) When you change faction, your rank is reset and your non-donator whitelists are revoked.

13.) Sub-NCO ranks are to promoted at maximum 1 rank every 24 hours
14.) NCO Ranks are to be promoted at maximum 1 rank every 3 days
15.) CO Ranks are to be promoted at maximum 1 rank every week
16.) General Ranks are to be promoted at maximum 1 rank every two weeks

If you have any problems please contact a staff member by using @ before your message!
Alternatively you can make a ticket on !discord